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64-bit Champollion issues w/Merge Plugins & MO, anyone?



I recently received an error in MO stating that there was an issue with Merge Plugins.  It referenced Champollion and stated that Mod Organizer doesn't work with 64-bit.  However, up to this point I've used Merge Plugins and the 64-bit Champollion without it providing an error.  I'm a new Merge Plugins user so it's not as if I've been doing a lot of merging yet but merging has worked as far as I can tell without error the few times I have merged.


So the question is, should I be using the 64-bit Champollion with Merge Plugins/MO?  Both the GamerPoets video on Merge Plugins and the recent Dirty Weasel 2016 Skyrim Modding Guide video show use of the 64-bit version.

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