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what city mods?

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Curious if anyone has tried the JK or dawn of skyrim city overhauls with SLRE extended LOTD, and if so, besides any nessescary patches, is any custom CR needed? what about applestormy's village overhauls for places like riverwood?   I would be up for trying ETAC but think that would have alot of conflicts as it changes the entire layouts of the smaller towns.  But i do love that mod and would love to try it.  

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I'm using Dawn of Skyrim All Major Cities (not the Director's Cut, incompatible with ICAIO).  I'm also using Solitude Expansion and Solitude Reborn with the compatibility patch, so the DoS version I'm using is the one which is compatible with Solitude Reborn.  I'm also using Books of Skyrim, Better City Entrances (modular, all but Solitude, merged) and Better Docks (modular, all but Solitude, merged).  And I've just thrown in Better Towns Textures for a bit of differentiation on the larger towns without any compatibility issues.  NB - Solitude Expansion is NOT compatible with Solitude Skyway.  I'm also using aMidianBorn Whiterun texture pack for Whiterun.

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