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I'm trying to integrate the Mighty Magick Skyrim mod in to SRLE and I'm running into an issue with some illusion spells.  With the higher level enemies, I'm getting notices that they're too powerful for the spell.  I try to dual cast and get the same message.  When I check the actor level (getlevel console command), on one example I see it is level 12 while my spell only affects up to level 7.  Dual casting should, I thought, at least take that level up to 17 (7 * 2.5 dual cast modification in mod.)  I've heard mention of a bug with dual casting (here) and want to know if anyone else has heard of it and knows of a fix.  Also, is there a way to test and see the magnitude of a spell I just cast through console or other mod?  I appreciate any help you can give.  Thanks!

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