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Dual sheath redux companion shield bug



ive narrowed down a bug 100% to dual sheath redux with shields and npcs.


if followers have shield on back npcs enabled in mcm then when they ready there weapons the shields dissapear/unequip and the follower wont reequip it again.

this continuously happens after much testing. 


if shield on back npcs is unticked in mcm then the equip bug is sorted and never happens but when weapons are sheathed they obviously still carry the shields instead of on back (as its supposed to)


has anyone encountered this bug yourself or know how i can fix this? i use the latest version of DSR and 4.0.2 of extensible follower framework (i pretty much follow neovalens entire Skyrim revisited legendary guide). im not new to modding so load order and all that stuff isnt a problem though i can paste it anyway if anyone wants.


there is also someone else who i seen has exactly the same problem, he may have worded it better if you wanna check out his post




i mean its not a game breaking bug at all but its very annoying and is the only problem plaguing my game so id love to be able to help fix it somehow. anyone have the same bug or know anything i can try? thanks!!

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