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Posted this in the LotD thread, but that thing moves fast...


Need help. Somewhere along the line by standard standing idle animation has become a wobbling drunk. If I am standing still, and go into 3rd person,i can't even walk. I can jump and then i walk, buts its a drunk staggering walk animation. Drawing a weapon breaks me out and i walk fine, and obviously it works fine in first person.


I tried getting drunk and then recovering, but that doesn't fix it. Any ideas?

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well i had the same problem with combat fatigue. Everytime i loaded a save my character would go to a semi crouch state where she put her hand on her belly and nothing would make leave this state only by unsheating the sword. After i droped the mod this still persisted... only a new game made it go away. After this i never used Combat fatigue.



edit: try the ReSaver.exe from Skyrim Tools to clean your save from combat fatigue

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