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SRLE Without Falskaar?

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I have two separate questions: 


The first is what exactly is the performance impact as well as stability impact by having Falskaar in the game? I ask this because I don't really need to have this installed on this playthrough as I haven't even gone through Dragonborn or Dawnguard. Because of this, Falskaar is something I could do without. But before trying to take it out of the setup, I'm wondering if there is any real reason to do so in terms of the performance gains or having a more streamlined plugins/mod list. 

And the second question is just how complicated is it to remove Falskaar from SRLE. I haven't quite finished putting in all the mods is why I bring this up and haven't really had a chance to analyze just how difficult it would be to get the mods setup for a playthrough without Falskaar. 

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You wont gain any performance by removing it. It's just an expansion just like dawnguard or dragonborn.


It's not hard to remove it but i wouldn't complicate my life.

It wasn't as much Falskaar as it was all the different compatibility patches that bugged me. But if the whole thing doesn't affect performance than I agree, I'll just let it be. 

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