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Run SKSE from MO as admin?




thanks for the help in advance.

My problem is that if I try to start Skyrim with SKSE through MO it starts for one second and then crashes. When I start SKSE through its "normal" .exe (as admin) this error doesn’t occur.


But if I do it that way no mods are loaded in game.


So my question is, if it is possible to run SKSE (skse_loader.exe to be precise) as an admin through MO. (I changed the setting of the .exe to run as admin both from MO and from SKSE)


I hope my English skill are sufficient so that you guys know what I mean :)

and thanks again for the help.



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thanks for the quick response. I fixed it :) for anyone wondering:


I just reinstalled Skyrim to a different drive so it´s not installed to “C:\Program Files (x86)â€.

Therefore, SKSE doesn’t need to be run as admin anymore.

Thus this topic can be closed.


Thx again :)

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Welcome to STEP @Talmar


Simple answer to your question is: Yes you can run SKSE as admin from MO.

However, we strongly discourage running ANY executable from MO as admin as it can introduce issues with file access permissions later on.


@GamerPoets is the official STEP and MO video tutorial producer and I suggest viewing some of the more pertinent ones.




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