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Dynamic Follower Dialogue - DFD not available on Nexus and missing mods

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I'm doing fresh install of SRLE, and there is information on Dynamic Follower Dialogue - DFD Nexus page -

File hidden

The reason given by the author is: July 8th: DFD will never be visible again.
<br />Reason is, its successor will be here in less than 1 month.

Should I expect problems if I skip this mod?


And another similar question - there are some mods in SRLE that I don't like and I don't want (need) to use (e.g. Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Falskaar, CCOR, CACO).  Is it safe to skip them (and of course all dependencies) ? I know I will have to create my own conflict resolution patch, but is it enough?

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well ccor and caco are really big integrated mods now and lots of patches on the other mods used in srle so not using them will give you a headache on installing the others. Ofc you can choose whatever you like just that you'll have to make the CR.

i don't recommend skipping them but it's your choice (and time).


edit: as for DFD you can skip it for now.

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