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Need Help! Optimizing the Bethesda Textures



I have been following this guide verbatim all the way through but I have run into 2 major issues when I got to the "Optimizing the Bethesda Textures" part of the guide.


1) For the line that says "Install the extracted Dawnguard.7z, Hearthfires.7z, and Dragonborn.7z in Mod Organizer", the Dawnguard.7z and Hearthfires.7z seemed to install fine. However, the Dragonborn.7z came up with this error message "Failed to parse Module.Config.xml. See console details." It then showed the regular installation screen, and I installed it, but I'm guessing it is incorrectly installed.


I havn't been able to find a solution for this issue. 


2) As seen in the attached screenshot (Missing Unmanaged mods.PNG), I don't know what happened to the Unmanaged: Dawnguard, Unmanaged: Hearthfire, and Unmanaged: Dragonborn, but they are not there in the modlist.

In the instructions for optimized vanilla textures mod, the unmanaged mods are there but for some reason in mine they are not present. The are listed on the right as Dawnguard.esm, Dragonborn.esm, and Hearthfires.esm, but I have no idea why they are not in the left pane.


I would greatly appreciate some help with these issues!



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