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Revamped Assets question

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Hi the guide says to delete:

  • meshes/furniture/workbenches/enchanting*.nif
  • meshes/furniture/enchanting*.nif

But I don't see them in my folder. I have "enchantingworkbench01.nif" and "enchantingworkstation01.nif" so I don't know if the guide means those two

Also when it says 

  • meshes/furniture/loadscreenart/loadscreenenchantingworkbench.nif


I think it should be meshes/loadscreenart instead of meshes/furniture

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The asterisk (the "*") at the end is a wildcard statement. It means anything that includes the previous characters.


If I said:




That would include:







However, I just checked, and you are correct about the filepath for the loadscreenart.


The correct filepath to delete for that file is:

  • meshes/loadscreenart/loadscreenenchantingworkbench.nif
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