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Issues creating files in SkyProc



I'm the dev/maintainer for SkyProc and a few skyproc mods like Automatic Variants, ASIS, and SUM. I'm trying to track down an issue skyproc has when run through MO. It seems like sometimes when a file is deleted, created, or modified quickly MO sometimes has issues. For example SUM creates dummy esps for LOOT to use when sorting load order. After LOOT runs the dummy esps are deleted as each patcher creates the real plugin. But once in a while once all the patchers finish and SUM exits one or more of the dummy files will exist instead of the real one or an patch esp won't be fully written.


I think its a race condition of some sort, possibly with child processes that manipulate files, since its intermittent and rerunning the patcher usually results in the correct result but that's a pretty annoying solution for people with 100+ mods and multiple patchers since patchers can take 15 minutes or more. Is there something I can do to ensure the SkyProc library plays nice with MO?

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Welcome to STEP @Dienes


I don't use a lot(any really) of 'proccer' style mods so I'm not too sure what is going on, some of the other staff here may be of assistance, but you may have more success if you post a report on the GitHub repo page.

@Tannin spends much more time there than he does here and since MO version 2 is still in active development you may find the answer you are after more easily.

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