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Flickering hand textures



Hey, I've been using Skyrim Revisited for a while, but reinstalled it (was bored and wanted a different experience), and now that i have installed it again i'm having a very weird texture bug on my hands.


I'm not an expert, but my guess would be there's some other texture inside it and they're overlapping but i have no idea.


I tried searching but all I have found is some thread on LL 5 days ago that has no answers.


Thanks in advance


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Yes, i have reinstalled both of those once and still get it. Also right now i have not installed any other mod on top of SRLE that changes the textures


Edit: I'm gonna put some more info in this post, to maybe help with troubleshooting:

It does not seem to be a VRAM issue, I went into an interior cell, saved and relaunched so that my VRAM would not be close to 4GB and i still happened.

It only happens when i have sheathed something, I'll post some images of my hands when not sheathed.

I tried to disable all of my additional mods but it didn't help either.



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Ok, it seems that I'm just stupid and forgot i had one mod installed...

The mod causing it was Skyrim Reloaded - SKGE, and when i went to it's mod page it even says in the posts section that there is a bug with hands flickering.

Sorry for this, but maybe it will help others if they have the same problem. Can be marked as answered (I don't know if I can or how i can, pretty new on this forum)

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