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CTD After Fresh SR:LE Install



I just installed SR:LE for the first time, and I was so eager to try it out, but I can't even open Skyrim. Every time I try to run SKSE through MO, I can't even get the main menu to appear; it just crashes after a few moments of black screen. I don't really understand what could be going on. I have yet to install any other mods, and I follow the mod installation step by step. I feel like it's the premade conflict resolution patch I downloaded off the subguide, but that shouldn't be what's causing the crashes. The load order is as it should be, I edited all the .ini files to be as they should, and I have not installed ANY other mods other than the ones from the guide. What is going on?!?


NEVER MIND!!! It turns out I might not have had enblocal.ini in my Skyrim folder. I disabled the ENB through the manager and just manually moved the needed files into my Skyrim directory. MUCH more reliable method.

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