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Mod Organizer not working with 1.5, not even using its own INIs



So I've been having alot of trouble with using Mod Organizer v2.0.5 with Fallout 4 1.5. No matter what I do, I can't get Mod Organizer's virtual filesystem files to actually show up in game. So I'm trying a new experiment. I re-installed Mod Organizer, and this time all I am trying to do is to get my Mod Organizer INI changes to show up in-game. So with no mods I go to mod organizer INI editor, choose fallout4prefs.ini, and change my resolution to 3440x1440. I leave the fallout4prefs resolution in mydocs as the default 1280x720 though. I launch f4se through MO, and the resolution is still 3440x1440. I feel like nothing from my default MO profile is actually being loaded into the game. Has anyone encountered this and knows of a workaround? I have installed my Fallout 4 game onto my K: drive as well as Mod Organizer, but don't think this should make any difference. Any help would be appreciated


Also, not sure if everyone else gets this, but when I try to use the Configurator I get an error saying that plugin configurator failed, traceback (most recent call last): File "K:/fallout 4/mod organizer/plugins/pyCfg.py" line 574 in display self.updateSettings(settings, iniFile) File"K:/fallout 4/mod organizer/plugins/pyCfg.py" line 471 in updateSettings profile=self._organizer.profile () Type Error: No to_python (by-value) converter found for C++ type:class MOBase::IProfile *_ptr64

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