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DynDOLOD.esp contains references to both RealisticWaterTwo.esp and RealisticWaterTwo - Merged.esp



I just merged Realistic Water Two. The guide says to merge these files:


It then says 

  • Post merge rename the output file RealisticWaterTwo - Merged.esp to RealisticWaterTwo.esp to retain compatibility with patches.


However DynDOLOD.esp is throwing up an error in MO, saying "Missing Masters: RealisticWaterTwo - Merged.esp". It also throws up an error if the RealisticWaterTwo.esp master is not present.


What should I do?


EDIT: I might be an idiot. Checking on something quick.


EDIT2: I'm an idiot.


I was getting errors last night while playing saying:

DynDOLOD can not find master data in Dy8nDOLOD_Tamriel.json
DynDOLOD can not read data from Dy8nDOLOD_Tamriel.json 

So today I decided to restart from the Mod Merge section and hope that fixed things. I had missed the "Post merge rename" special instructions the first time around, so I fixed that, but the DynDOLOD Worlds script I built yesterday had references to both RealisticWaterTwo - Merged.esp and RealisticWaterTwo.esp.


I fixed this by reinstalling a clean version of DynDOLOD.esp.


I cannot mark this as Solved until someone replies though. Can one of the mods apply a tag for me?

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