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MO: It just thinks it's its first run and now want to fix mod order



Today when I started Mod Organizer (1.3.11) it told me "you have started mod organizer for the first time
Huh... no that was back in August mate.

Everything was reseted to default (skin, plugins, nexus user, etc...)
Okay sheep happens, a cache/ went bonkers

Let's set everything back and go

Wait, what's that 1 in the error triangle ?


I have followed SR:LE order and yesterday it was not there, so I tend to think it's a false positive
How do I get rid of that ?

If MO has some issues, is there a proper way to reinstall it ?

(I would think: backup mod list, move mods folder to other location, reinstall, follow SRLE Guide for vanilla skyrim, close MO, restore mods folder, restor modlist)

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