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Skyrim Performance is somehow connected with font size



hi all guys, this is my first post but i've been a daily user of this forum since 1 year when i started modding skyim. 


first of all sorry for my english!


technical list


Intel 3960x @default

rampage extreme IV

8 giga corsair *something* 2400mhz

gtx 980 with/without oc with the last driver (364.72)

kingston ssd 

windows 10

Aoc 4k monitor



last version

last skse

last loot

enb .305

skylight enb

156 mods 


I'm not a engineer or a programmer but I found something that is completely out of my comprehension and i think it worth to post at your attention: on a windows 10 computer (with an nvidia card for what i can say), Skyrim perfomance/visual quality/enb is directly connected to font size. 




yes i know.... but i'm not crazy. This is the fact:


1) i had some rare casual problem with my computer since i did a fresh installation of windows 10 on a kingston ssd one year ago, problem was freezing, videocard stopped working, had to force shut down and on restart bios gave the classic _overclock failed_  also with 0 oc. During this year I only played Skyrim, modding it, and Xcom2 , both with orrible performance (skyrim from 15/16fps to 20/25 but i was sure the problem was 4k rendering and dyndolod at high)


2) i find some time from work and i spend some efforts to fix this, and i just did:


disconnected 2 old sata hdd (5200 rpm old vintage maxtor)

uninstalled all programs i don't need


DDU 15.7.blabla

used all strees test i found

reinstalled nvidia driver



and here the strange fact.


I noticed after the nvidia installation there was something bigger on my desktop , and i started skyrim BEFORE restart computer , with windows 10 you don't need to restart after a driver installation for what i know, so...


SBAM 40 / 60 fps , 0 stuttering. My first thought was skyrim somehow started at lower resolution also if i didn't notice any difference but eyes can do jokes sometimes so i restarted it 2 times after checked resolution parameters into -protected from write- skyrimpref.ini, same: 40/60 fps. 


So i restarted windows, and after restart, icons and fonts size were another time little as before the driver clean, and skyrim fps went back to 15/20


the only difference in game was the ENB panel. Before restart was big, at least a quarter of my monitor, after restart was little in the left upper corner , so tiny i can't even read, but skyrim resolution was the same


at this point i tried this 3 setups and now i can assure than:


if i put 100% on screen option/font dimension i obtain 8/9 fps in skyrim


if i put 150% in screen option/font dimension i obtain 15/20 fps in skyrim


if i put 200% in screen option/font dimension i obtain 40/60 fps in skyrim



BUT IF I RESTART WINDOWS I'M BACK TO 15/20 FPS with any of the above %. 


Doing screenshot and comparing them i notice that over 250% font size texture start to degrating in quality. As i said, i'm a profan, but there should be some relation between enb/render engine and this but i'm not able to understand what.


https://it.tinypic.com/r/24c5onp/9 -------------> 150% (windows default for 4k monitor) 


https://it.tinypic.com/r/2iu9g5x/9 -------------> 200% 



p.s. no idea why but i have "wait busy render" in enblocal on those screenshots, it decreases, more or less, 10 fps so add to the number you see in screenshots.

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