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I'm stupid and disorganized my Mods.



Hi peeps,


I...think I'm going crazy.


I had a lot of mods (STEP collection) and reinstalled Skyrim through Steam. The Skyrim install directory was changed from the previous one with this installation.

I reinstalled Mod Organizer, it still had my old profile and ini, yay.

I prepared to reinstall all the mods and did.


THEN I saw that I had selected the wrong mod directory, instead if steamapps\common\skyrim\data I had it pointing to a directory where I keep Skyrim utilities. Stupid me.


BUT I thought by moving all those to the data directory and setting "Mod folder" in ModO to this folder I could avoid installing everything AGAIN.

For an unrelated stupid reason, I ended up quickly reinstalling my mods and overwriting previous installations, though.


I checked all the ESPs and BSAs and...nothing. When I start the game they are not recognized.


I did something wrong, but I cannot put my finger on it. Maybe it's because I'm a bit stressed ATM, I don't see the mistake and I have no idea how to proceed now...preferably without installing every mod once again from archive/installer...

Please, can anyone point me in the right direction? 

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It was set by default to /modorganizer/mods. Mods did not appear in the skyrim/Data directory when installed. Therefore I set it to the Data directory and copied the dirs from /modorganizer/mods there. I guess that was not exactly helpful? but it is reversible at least. Didn't work anyway.

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Ah, I think I understand. I'm not very familiar with moving the mods folder as I always just keep it ModOrganizer/Mods. You can try in the settings, clicking on the workarounds tab and try using a different loading mechanism. Having it set to ModOrganizer loads the virtual directory normally. Set to script extender forces it to load through skse as long as you have it installed, and set to proxy DLL puts a d3d9.dll to get it to load your mods that way. I wouldn't really recommend keeping the mods in the data directory since MO is meant for keeping your data directory unchanged (mostly). If you move them to a different folder, you won't have to reinstall them since in each folder there's a meta.ini that tells it what its load order is, but for simplicity's sake I keep my mods in the default mod folder.

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