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Modder working on this location[edit]

TechAngel85 (talk) 12:28, February 1, 2016 (EST)

Emittance value to use[edit]

  • Emittance value = WeatherTundraMarsh.
  • Apply this to both Light Bulbs and FX effects, or use one of the FXWeathers if those suits the atmosphere better.

Rorikstead Exterior[edit]

Rorikstead Interiors[edit]

Rorik's Manor [edit]




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  • Replaced most bulbs with new bulbs from the Dev Kit.
  • Applied a warm emittance to the fire.
  • Disabled three candlehorns.
  • Added Shadow Fix to hearth.
  • No FX alterations or additions.


This was an odd space to work with. Adding one more bulb anywhere pushed the meshes too far so I have to work with the default number of lights.

  1. The light for the chandelier above the bar has be re-positioned and altered to light the entire sleeping area.
  2. This interior had far too many candlehorns tossed around. I (initially) disabled what I couldn't make work. That ended up being one above the fireplace, one on the long table, and one on the round table.