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The priorities are:

  1. Correcting light bulbs
  2. Correcting FX
  3. Correcting atmospheric lighting

The idea here is to work in waves. First wave, correct on the light bulbs. Second wave, correct all the FX. Third, correct the atmospheric lighting. Don't feel that you have to do everything all at once and completely polish off a location before moving on. You will wear yourself out quickly and it's better to suited to go into more detail later on in the project. However, if you feel something needs to be fixed then, fix it. If you feel like lights need to be added, add them. Use your judgement, work at your pace, and ask questions if uncertain.


  • When adding objects use the prefix, 1rs_*. This sorts all objects together at the top of the list.
  • If you make a edit that you regret, adding a light bulb and regretting it, rename that object with a unique prefix like RemoveEdit* to allow easy xEdit removal later.
  • Assign Interior Emittance values to mists/fogs in any given interior cell, to remove the FX flickering effect. Apply candle light bulbs to the emittance value if those are the lights that surrounds the FX the most.


Below are tags to use for the locations. Please mark the locations with the appropriate tags so we're not working over each other.

To display a tag enter the following:

  • 1 = Keyword. Enter a color keyword. (see below)
  • 2 = Text. Enter the text for the tag.

{{CustomTag|green|Final}} =
{{CustomTag|purple|Completed, Phase 1}} =
{{CustomTag|orange|Awaiting Approval}} =
{{CustomTag|red|Needs Attention}} =
{{CustomTag|yellow|In Progress}} =

Locations - Skyrim[edit]

Below is a list of locations found in Skyrim. The Homesteads from Hearthfire are included below.




Locations - Dawnguard[edit]

Below is a list of locations for Dawngaurd DLC.


Locations - Dragonborn[edit]

Below is a list of locations for Dragonborn DLC.