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About Me[edit]

My involvement with modding started with Step Modification where I slowly learned the "trade" over time and expanded myself from editor/writer to up to an Admin, Board Member, and one of the project leaders. My thirst for knowledge eventually lead me to mod authoring, where I began helping various other authors manage and take their mods to the next level. Though I have several modding projects of my own, few have been released due to lack of time and other obligations.


To the modding community,

I'm announcing that I will be taking a step back from my involvement regarding user support. I have been doing 10 years of solid user support between Step Modifications (formerly known as S.T.E.P.) and Nexus Mods. Over the years there have been plenty of ups and downs; however, I feel there have been more downs than ups over the past few years. I suppose I've lost some of the passion I once had for user support; at least on the level I have given over the years.

To this point if I engage with a user regarding support, I except nothing less than that user's full attention and willingness to work through the issue with me or other authorized authors on my Nexus pages. Anything less and I will simply stop the support.

To address users asking questions that are already answered within the documentation provided, I will introduced them to my sarcastic side. I will go out of my way to call these users out for not reading and provide them with a reply that they will not be happy with. It will be as ridiculously obvious as possible and even possibly patronizing. Don't be lazy. You have been warned! ...also, this is not me being mean; this is me trying to have fun with some ridiculous level of repetition, which these users create for me (and probably other authors).

~ Tech

Development Setup[edit]

I have my SE dev environment set up separately from where I mod and play the game. This is necessary due to the large number of mods I help author. To manage this, I use MO in a portable installation. Then, each mod I currently manage is assigned its own profile. Each of these profiles differ with the mod placements for development reasons. However, each of the profiles share what I consider a basic "fixed" setup when running the game for testing and some development. This includes bug, mesh, and texture fixes. Below are the mods I typically have active for all profiles:



Creation Kit Fixes[edit]

Fails to load with error V:0000065432[edit]

Most likely the CK will fail to load with the current version of SE due to Bethesda moving it from their launcher back to Steam. To fix this:

  1. Modify the CK executable.
  2. Tick the box for Overwrite Steam AppID
  3. Input: 1946180
  4. Apply and close

Render Window Flicker[edit]

This is usually due to the graphics driver. The only way to fix it is to either update or rollback to a version that doesn't cause flickering.

Last known driver that didn't cause this on my system was v512.95.


My Guides[edit]


These are areas that I do my development work in for releasing new content. This content is not ready for public use.

Sandbox #1 | Forum Member Group Settings
Sandbox #2 | FOMOD Guide - unfinished
Sandbox #3 | Playground...

Other Stuffs[edit]


My System Specs