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Modder working on this location[edit]

TechAngel85 (talk) 09:58, February 2, 2016 (EST)

Emittance value to use[edit]

  • Emittance value = WeatherTundraMarsh.
  • Apply this to both Light Bulbs and FX effects, or use one of the FXWeathers if those suits the atmosphere better.

Helgen Exterior[edit]

Helgen Interiors[edit]

Helgen Keep[edit]


  • Replaced all light bulbs through to the Torture Room.
  • Disabled one Imperial wall mounted candle in circular room.
  • Kitchen - removed three bulbs which had no sources.
  • Kitchen - added one Imperial candle stand next to pillar and one wall candlehorn above barrels to balance the lighting in the space.
  • Kitchen - applied Shadow Fix to fireplace and warm emittance to fireplace bulb.
  • Torture Room - fixed rotation for one Imperial wall candle in the.
  • Torture Room - removed one fake torch light which had no sources.
  • Torture Room - disabled one Imperial wall candle in the caged area to fix mesh overload.
  • Replaced vanilla torch bulbs over braziers with proper fire bulbs throughout cave.
  • No FX alterations or additions so far.


  • Disabled wall candles in circular room due to adding a light causes too many lights on the meshes.