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Welcome to the FAQs for the Complete Oblivion Modding guide[edit]


Are There Any Tips For Oblivion Modding?[edit]

Yes, I'll be populating this over time.

Save corruption is a big deal in Oblivion[edit]

Apparently save corruption is pretty big in Oblivion here is a list:

Do NOT load a different save without restarting.
  • You may even crash
  • Do NOT use autosaves
  • After you die, restart Oblivion and then reload the latest save
  • I would say to save in an interior rather than in a city or in Tamriel

Common Questions and Guide Specifics[edit]

What about lore and the mod content?[edit]

This is mostly going to be lore friendly but not 100% because every mod author and/or guide creator has there interpretation of how Elder Scrolls should be played. You won't see anything that would completely break immersion. If you happen to come across something then post in the forum where is came from. Don't report mods that are not part of the core/extended. You have an option not to install       and      .

Where do the links go?[edit]

A majority of the links to the modding pages are directed to the Skyrim Nexus site. The reason for many different sites is because Oblivion is pretty old in terms of modding. Nexus might of removed something because they had updated their permissions policy. Also, some things like BCF-Files are done by Hishutup and Red to help with some of the installations and are provided via

Is this modular?[edit]

It's intended to be. We are slowly finding a good way to present a modular set up to users. Too many options and a user may give up. Too few and users will abandon this guide.

Why can't I use Mod Organizer?[edit]

It's because of many reasons. First, being in version 1.2.9 there is memory leak when using some programs but the after running the programs more than once the length of time gets annoying. The problem doesn't exist in a normal install. Second, MO doesn't have support for OMOD or wizard.txt which is critical with Oblivion.

If you want me to use MO instead then go bug Tannin for OMOD and Wizard.txt compatibility. Meaning ask politely.

Is BOSS really required because I like LOOT?[edit]

Well... Try it and see if things work correctly. Loot doesn't carry all the changes over from BOSS because its a different method. LOOT is not content aware so it will tend to group common mods together. All I know is that FCOM Convergence is really picky with load order and even with V1.0 there was a recommendation to use BOSS.

That and I don't trust LOOT still.

How do I use BCF-Files?[edit]

Where instructed, download the BCF file from the link provided.

Go to <Steam>\SteamApps\common\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\Bain Converters
Drop the BCF file to Bain Converters
Install the related mod as described

The guide wants me to disable auto-saving. Why? How do I save, then?[edit]

– Coming soon -

My game crashes after loading a save or upon death.[edit]

This is a Vanilla Oblivion issue and therefor present in any modded setup. Loading a different save directly from ingame tends to lead to unexpected CTD's, sometimes also after death of the player's character. It's a good habit to load a save by restarting the game or from the main-menu. Upon death you want to consider to restart Oblivion.

What modding sites are good to explore?[edit]

The Assimilation Lab
TES Alliance

I don't understand. How do I FCOM?[edit]

FCOM Guide that is updated


If you don't want to look through then use [(ctrl) + f]

Wrye Bash Issues[edit]

Something about load/Install order master if using Anneal (all)[edit]

You've gotten a Phyton error that looks like something below.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "bash\basher.pyo", line 9585, in Execute
File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 9933, in anneal
File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 4073, in removeMods
File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 4041, in saveLoadOrder
bash.bolt.BoltError: Cannot load plugins before masters.

This is, because you've installed a group of mods with esp's and then tried to anneal (all) before getting the load order right in Bash (Mod tab). Change to Mod tab, run BOSS and you're good to anneal (all).

Red backgrounds in Mods tab[edit]

Its an old form of Archive Invalidation to re-date the bsa

Crash on Startup or Load[edit]

Crash on startup[edit]
Are you missing a master?
Look at the mods tab in Wrye Bash and look for the red box but if the red box is empty or had a dot that is not an issue.
Bad: Checkbox red on.png

Crash on startup when the load bar is loaded at a small amount[edit]

If it crash a like one tick (5%) you're most likely missing something from the UI section.

Crash when loading a save[edit]
Did you remove any mods?
If so look up the mods you removed for special uninstall instructions. I highly recommend not uninstalling anything but if you have to then generally go into an interior cell. Save uninstall the mod and do a clean save.
Clean save instructions: "FIX LATER"

Orange Box.png AddActorValues[edit]
  • Author: JRoush
  • Version: 1.beta5b
  • Description: This is a resource mod for some mods that use actor values like a variable. This is only needed for Vampire Revolution, you can skip for now.
  • Requirements:
  • Download:
  • AddActorValues
  • Installation:


  1. Drag the archive into Wrye Bash.
  2. Right-click and select "Unpack to Project".
    • I recommend keeping the default label.
  3. Delete the archive that you just unpacked.
  4. Open the newly created project and open the "Oblivion" folder.
  5. Move the Data folder to the root of the project.
  6. Delete the "Oblivion" folder and the "Data\AddActorValues_example.esp" file.
  7. Right-click on the project and select "Refresh".
    • Make sure you do this after every time that you edit the ini.
  8. Install the project.

Red Box.png Vacuity[edit]
  • Author: shadeMe
  • Version: Final
  • Forum Link
  • Description:
  • Notes: If you were to find the extra text that a bit too excessive, you can toggle the gold icon instead by committing the following line in the console - set zzVacuityCoreQ.sShowGoldIcon to 1
  • Requirements:
  • Download:
  • Vacuity 03


Vacuity 03

Esp/m Filter:
  • Check All

Red Box.png The Heart of the Dead[edit]
  • Author: BFreyermuth
  • Version: 6.5
  • Description:
  • Download:
  • HODFull_Ver_6_5_Part1-21176.7z
  • HODFull_Ver_6_5_Part2-21176.7z
  • HODFull_Ver_6_5_Part3-21176.7z
  • Installation:

Advanced Install TBA

Red Box.png Basic Primary Needs[edit]
  • Author: Maskar
  • Version: 6.3
  • Description:
  • Notes: DO NOT USE -UNTESTED- Hud Status Bars ini edits
  • Requirements:
  • Download:
  • Basic Primary Needs 6_3
  • Installation:

Basic Primary Needs 6_3

  1. Esp/m Filter:
    • Check:
      • Basic Primary Needs.esp

Red Box.png Basic Personal Hygiene[edit]
  • Author: Maskar
  • Version: 3.0
  • Description:
  • Notes: DO NOT USE -UNTESTED- Hud Status Bars ini edits
  • Requirements:
  • Download:
  • Basic Personal Hygiene 3_0
  • Installation:

Basic Personal Hygiene 3_0

  1. Esp/m Filter:
    • Check:
      • Basic Personal Hygiene.esp

Red Box.png Havok Tapestries[edit]
  • Author: RPG-BlackDragon
  • Version: 1.0
  • Description:
  • Download:
  • Havoc Tapestries
  • Installation:

Advanced Install TBA

Orange Box.png See You Sleep DLL[edit]
  • Author: LogicDragon
  • Version: 1.0
  • Description:
  • Requirements:
  • Download:
  • See You Sleep DLL
  • Installation:

See You Sleep DLL

  1. Sub-Packages:
    • Check:
      • 00 See You Sleep DLL Core
      • 01 See You Sleep ESP
      • 02 Vampire Bedroll Anims
      • 03 DLCVileLair Patch
  2. Esp/m Filter:
    • Check:
      • See You Sleep DLL - DLCVileLair.esp
      • See You Sleep DLL - Vampire Bedroll Anims.esp
      • See You Sleep DLL.esp

Red Box.png Improved movement physics[edit]
  • Author: Altimor
  • Version: 1.0
  • Description:
  • Requirements:
  • Download:
  • Customizable Special Soldiers EW
Yellow Box.png Vampire Revolution[edit]
  • Author: Forli
  • Version: 1.12
  • Description:
  • Requirements:
  • Download:
  • Vampire Revolution v1.1
  • Vampire Revolution Patch v1.12bis
  • Installation:

May cause issues, please skip for now.

New Lands[edit]

Synthetik's Note: This section hasn't been updated. Use caution if installing the following mods because the instructions might not be up to date.

Orange Box.png Bartholm[edit]
  • Author: JSera
  • Version: 7.0
  • [<url> Forum Link]
  • Description:
  • Notes: Place holder, unable to provide support, going to be optional, and I haven't tested and unlikely I will.
  • Download:
  • Bartholm70 Full
  • Installation:

Bartholm70 Full

  1. Esp/m Filter:
    • Check:
      • bartholm.esp

xEdit Cleaning Required
199 ITMs
533 UDRs

Red Box.png Morroblivion[edit]
  • Author:
  • Version: v063a
  • [<url> Forum Link]
  • Description:
  • Notes: I cannot provide support. I may in the future
  • Requirements:
  • Download:
  • v063a
  • Installation:

Please set Wrye Bash to External Install Please use the instructions provided in the link.

Nehrim Total Conversion[edit]

I'll adopt this later

Commonly used console commands[edit]


Use this to toggle on/off the detection system
Remember it doesn't work 100% of the time


Use this to toggle on/off god mode
In this you won't take damage, your stamina and magicka won't run out and you don't have a carry limit
Remember it doesn't work 100% of the time


Use this to toggle on/off the collision
Make sure you don't have anything selected in the console otherwise nothing will happen


This will toggle on/off the debug text
Press the insert key to cycle through the different types of debug text.


This is used to teleport to a specific cell
It works by typing a correct cell name after it


This is used to teleport to a different worldspace
You would also need a coordinate to teleport to in the new worldspace
It would be in the format of:
"cow <worldspace> <x>,<y>"