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Changes to the live guide can occur at any time between releases, so review this changelog to see what may have changed since your 1.0.0 build date.

Post-Release Changes[edit]

Any changes made to the current version of the live guide.

No Atmosphere No Dust has been updated to work with the latest version of the game and can now be installed.

What's New[edit]

This is the official v1.0.0 release of our No Man's Sky modding guide.


The backend development of the Guide is now using AMUMSS, rather than being a manual process. Although this doesn't mean any change for users, it's a major change in the way development is handled and, thus, facilitates the move to a major version according to Step's versioning scheme.

Step NoMansSky Resource Files[edit]

In a desire merge changes from several mods, the Step NoMansSky Resource Files have been created. Not only are several mod changes merged, but they also include a large collect of our own changes and tweaks. This is a required file for all Guide users as it's the cornerstone of the Guide. The Resource Files are now entirely built with AMUMSS using custom and merged LUA scripts. This makes rolling out updates far easier and quicker for Staff.

Guide-Level Changes[edit]

  • Reworked the Guide to use the Step System Setup Guide as a starting point.
    It should be followed to a point and then users return the Guide. This helps to focus the Guide on the modding process rather than including a large setup process, and brings it more inline with other Step Guides.
  • A general rework of the Guide to remove unneeded components in order to facilitate Step's streamlined Guide workflow.
  • A general update to current design standards for content and structural design.
  • Added Fixes mod group to Guide.

Mod-Level Changes[edit]


Added | new mod added (add these mods)
Moved | mod was moved to a new ModGroup (move these mods)
Updated | mod instructions updated
Incorporated | mod is included in the Step CR Patch (remove these mods)
Dropped / Replaced | mod was removed (remove these mods)



06-Models & Textures[edit]


07-Sounds & Music[edit]




18-Lighting & Weather[edit]

Do not install
  • No Atmosphere No Dust | At the time of the release, this mod was outdated vs current current version of the game and requires updating. Please do not install it at this time. Check the top of this changelog to determine if the status has changed via an update or not.

Resource Files (aka, 20-Patches)[edit]