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Step Versioning Scheme

Scheme used for official Step Game Guides

by: Step Modifications

Implemented as of Step SkyrimLE Guide v2.10.0


  • Major - introduce new functionality, mod groups, guide section, tools, or methods. (e.g., changing from Wrye Bash to MO, adding a new tool, adding a new mod group, etc.)
  • Minor - changes to guide mod list or tool instructions. (e.g., adding/removing mods, changing selections in BethINI, etc.)
  • Hotfix - changes/fixes that require immediate remedial actions. (e.g., corrections to guide instructions, changes to mod install order, updates to mod instructions, Patch updates, etc.)
    • Hotfixes are typically released when a small collection of these "fixes" have accumulated. Until that time, changes will be reflected on the current Changelog.
  • If a guide version is in a pre-release state, the version number may have a 'b' suffix to indicate a 'beta' version state.

Under this scheme[edit]

New Guide Versioning: 1.0.0

  • New guides start at the beginning of the versioning scheme.

Beta Versioning: 0.1.0

  • Major is always 0 when releases are in a beta state. Only a full release can trigger a change to Major, at which point version defaults New Guide versioning.
  • The remainder of the scheme will remain the same.


STEP Guide version example: 2.9.2

  • v2 brought changes to mod sorting software, mod management software, and introduced alpha Pack support
  • v9 constitutes nine changes to the mod lineup since the change to v2.
  • v2 constitutes two bug/hotfixes have been released since the last mod lineup change (v9).
The following are only hypothetical examples to illustrate changes that would apply to a specific level of versioning.
Skyrim Guides:[edit]

Skyrim (current Skyrim STEP Guide version): 2.9.2

  • Switch to official Wrye Bash support: 3.0.0 (major changes resets minor/hotfix versions)
  • Remove a mod or add new mods: 2.10.0 (minor changes resets hotfix version)
  • Update mod installation instructions: 2.9.3
  • Separate Extended Pack from Core Guide AND change mod management software: 3.0.0