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Step Versioning Scheme

Scheme used for official Step Game Guides

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Implemented as of Step SkyrimLE Guide v2.10.0


  • Major - introduce new functionality, mod groups, guide section, tools, or methods. (e.g., changing from Wrye Bash to MO, adding a new tool, adding a new mod group, etc.)
  • Minor - changes to guide mod list or tool instructions. (e.g., adding/removing mods, changing selections in BethINI, etc.)
  • Hotfix - changes/fixes that require immediate remedial actions. (e.g., corrections to guide instructions, changes to mod install order, updates to mod instructions, Patch updates, etc.)
    • Hotfixes are typically released when a small collection of these "fixes" have accumulated. Until that time, changes will be reflected on the current Changelog.
  • If a guide version is in a pre-release state, the version number may have a 'b' suffix to indicate a 'beta' version state.

Under this scheme[edit]

New Guide Versioning: 1.0.0

  • New guides start at the beginning of the versioning scheme.

Beta Versioning: 0.1.0

  • Major is always 0 when releases are in a beta state. Only a full release can trigger a change to Major, at which point version defaults New Guide versioning.
  • The remainder of the scheme will remain the same.

No Man's Sky Exception[edit]

Since No Man's Sky is not a Bethesda game it has slightly different rules regarding incrementing Minor versions. The following will cause an increment:

  • changes to guide mod list or tool instructions (e.g., adding/removing mods, switching a mod from MO installation to AMUMSS, etc.)
  • changes to the game's version name (e.g., NMS:Frontiers becomes NMS:Expeditions, NMS:Sentinel becomes NMS:Outlaws, etc.)
    • Expedition updates do not trigger Minor version updates
    • Game updates without a version name change (e.g., NMS:Sentinel v3.83 to NMS:Sentinel v3.84) are updated in-place and do not increment any version numbers.
      This is due to HelloGames patch release conduct, which are quick and multiple patch releases following any major update (version name changes). It's common for these updates to happen twice a week or more, therefore these minor patch updates are handled without implementing a new guide version.


STEP Guide version example: 2.9.2

  • v2 brought changes to mod sorting software, mod management software, and introduced alpha Pack support
  • v9 constitutes nine changes to the mod lineup since the change to v2.
  • v2 constitutes two bug/hotfixes have been released since the last mod lineup change (v9).
The following are only hypothetical examples to illustrate changes that would apply to a specific level of versioning.
Skyrim Guides:[edit]

Skyrim (current Skyrim STEP Guide version): 2.9.2

  • Switch to official Wrye Bash support: 3.0.0 (major changes resets minor/hotfix versions)
  • Remove a mod or add new mods: 2.10.0 (minor changes resets hotfix version)
  • Update mod installation instructions: 2.9.3
  • Separate Extended Pack from Core Guide AND change mod management software: 3.0.0