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Uninstalling mods included in the STEP Extended Patch



Hello everyone,


First of all, as many people posting here, I would to thank you for the amazing STEP guide which helped me reinstall all my mods in a much clearer way than ever before. Congratulations on the extensive guide!


After a few hours of playing, I keep receiving random CTDs, sometimes while exiting interiors/caves, at other times just running outdoors. It has become quite stressful and is preventing me from enjoying the game fully, as I find myself wondering all the time when I am going to crash. After reading several posts, I have understood some other players have been encountering the same issue as I, and that uninstalling Enhanced Blood Textures and Footprints resolved the problem. Therefore, I would like giving it a try.


However, I do not understand how to remove these mods, specifically Enhanced Blood Textures, as it is required for the STEP Extended Patch to run correctly. This prevents me from removing the mod, or even just deactivating its .esp. 


Here is what I have installed with no problem:

STEP Extended,

Some mods from SR:LE pack,

Some mods from REGS pack,

Perkus Maximus pack.


I have tested everything with Skyrim Monitor and I never reach higher than 70% of GPU VRAM, even less CPU, and never reached the 3.1Gb limit either. My framerate is around 55/60 still.


Is there a way to edit the STEP Extended patch somehow? Or does removing these two mods (and potentially Wet & Cold) means that I will have to install the content of the Extended patch manually?


Thanks a lot and congratulations again on the great work!

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Have you verified you aren't running out of memory with Memory Blocks Log yet? You can read through that discussion to find out how to set it up to determine if this is caused by a memory allocation issue. As a general tip, install Memory Blocks Log and enable logging, then run Skyrim until you reach a point in which it crashes. If the first number matches the allocation size of the first block, you need to increase DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB in SKSE.ini.

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Well, no luck after installing Memory Block Logs: this is not a memory allocation issue, as never reach any of the limits.


I played for about 4 hours yesterday without encountering any issues, unfortunately I ended up crashing and am currently unable to reload my last save game (or any others): it appears something that is loading up when I start is crashing the whole thing: I encounter a CTD after barely 3 seconds ingame.


I deactivated Footprints but am still unable to uninstall EBT. Not sure they are the guilty culprits though, up loading like this, as I am standing in the College of Winterhold so no blood anywhere...


EDIT: I have also been able to "narrow" it down to something happening outside. On my last save, I was able to quickly zone back in (to an Interior zone) and game did not crash, until I zoned back outside and encountered an instant CTD.

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