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Applying BCF : Assertion error




I'm learning the base of modding, following exactly the STEP recommandations. Everything was ok until i had to apply BCF with WB.

Launching Wrye bash from MO make the "installer" tab getting errors. I re-installed WB three times with the recommended settings. Finally, i red it's normal since MO doesn't support WB installer any more.


So, i run WB from directly from it's executable: in this version, i dont see my MO mods in the mod tab.


I have one archive Bain & Wizard and two archives:


  • Visible Windows - Mid Res -- BCF and BAIN Wizard-19971-1-0.7z
  • Visible Windows Medium v1_2-6971-1-2.7z
  • Reduced Night Glow-6971




I follow the instructions (Exctract Wizard archive in folder Bain Converters; Put the two archives in Bain installer folder; Select one of the two archives>conversions>apply>ExtractedBain&WizardArchive.7z)

I keep the name proposed by WB.


During the work process, i get a wyPython window which says:


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bash\balt.pyo", line 1803, in _conversation_wrapper
  File "bash\basher\installer_links.pyo", line 1204, in Execute
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 6847, in apply
  File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 2002, in extract7z
  File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 2138, in __call__
  File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 2109, in __call__
  File "bash\balt.pyo", line 1555, in doProgress
  File "wx\_windows.pyo", line 2971, in Update
wx._core.PyAssertionError: C++ assertion "value <= m_maximum" failed at ..\..\src\generic\progdlgg.cpp(337) in wxProgressDialog::Update(): invalid progress value


I red the BCF threads but it didn't help me. Probably did i something wrong, may be need i this kind of product for windows:


Thanks a lot for your help.


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Thanks for updating me.

Concerning "Visible Windows" and "Reduced night glow", i can install them trough MO without error message.

Are they fonctionnal or should i wait for an update for these mods to avoid bugs?

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