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MO groups some mods by itself?



I"m not sure what exactly happened. In the left window(the one with mod name, flag, categories etc...) So far as I used MO, the mods in that window had a box to the left that you can check or uncheck. Now for whatever reason some of my mods seem grouped. For instance SKYUI, animatated enchancments overhaul, Racemenu, arissa companion, climates of tamriel and a few others, show up only if I click on a "+" which opens them up to be viewed.


So basicaly there is a mod like line that is called "animated enchncements overhaul"(it shows as faded grey insted of black) has a check box to the left, that cant be unchecked and has a plus to the left of the checkbox that when clicked shows or hides all those other mods. Is there any way to get rid of that line and get my mods out of there? Simply dragging them doesnt work and I cant find the answer anywhere. Thanks for any tips.


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Welcome to STEP.


You have inadvertently changed the sorting method of the 'left-hand' pane from "No groups" to "Categories".

The large drop-down menu at the centre bottom of the 'left-hand' pane is the way that is changed.


If I may encourage you to acquaint yourself with the wiki and the video tutorials that describe all of MO's features.


Ninja'd yet again! :O_o:

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