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MO acting weirdly



hi guys!

as the title says, Mo became kind of unstable.


Skyrim Legendary registered

MO setup based on gopher's vid at release

600+ mods installed

Fnis/DSR/Real shelter patcher/BodySlide2/Wrye bash/Tes5Edit all up to date


I use this fantastic tools for long now, but for the 1st time i have a problem or kind of with it, since 2 days, profiles, sometimes, cross each other, not all, but if i change a order in prof A left pane it change aswell in prof B, Fnis give the warning of a non legit skyrim..OO, i use Fnis a lot because of more than 7000 anims installed and never ever get this message;

mods installed in left and right panes doesn't launch (Random Start for ex) i get the carriage instead which don't process, i mean every thing is there but static, like MO forgot to load it somehow

ECE doesn't work anymore...i can choose only the race and that's all, even after a fresh reinstall of the mod with all the goodies it need (text/eyes etc..) i've used it almost on each profile without a glitch

i've had a specific profile where saves were corrupted on saving, it takes 1 min to save while the screen was frozen (related to mod i believe)

i have 5 profiles with 300 + mods installed each and 150+ plugins and 1 vanilla, the one i use to create others


is it possible that MO just can't handle so much , i move the mods a lot, i also create/del profile for testing purpose on the fly, that'S why MO is so great, may be i broke Skyrim :P, as per now if i create a new profile it's a mess


i'm just wondering if i have to just reinstall everything..arghhh or find a workaround . 


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It sounds like you may have some generated files (like FNIS output) shared in both profiles. Any time you have generated files, these should be in separate "mods" in each profile. Say for example that you install FNIS in Profile A and Profile B. You should run GenerateFNISForUsers.exe in Profile A and create a mod from the Overwrite folder named something like FNIS Output Profile A. Then run GenerateFNISForUsers.exe in Profile B and create a mod named FNIS Output Profile B. This keeps the animations separate in each profile. This is especially important if you have different animations in each profile.


You should do the same with any other generated files as well -- reproccers, bashed patches, DynDOLOD output, etc.

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Welcome to STEP.


If, as you say, this problem applies to new profiles also you should examine the mods that are being used in these new profiles.


Best method is to start with the few basic essentials and add in more mods until you see the problems return.

Since MO makes no changes to your actual Skyrim installation there is no chance you have irrevocably broken it. As @Greg the most likely culprits will be shared 'user-created' mods such as the FNIS output mod.


You did mention changes applied in one profile being made in another, this should not happen in any circumstance and it would be good to examine those profiles to be 100% certain.

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hi, thanks for the answers and the welcome :)


@Greg, unfortunatly not, but as per GrantSP says may be this is the culprit,  i really have a ton of ''mods'' from overwrite with their own spécific names like [Fnis All Prof.NAME]  it works perfectly until 2 days, the problem is if i move mod X let say any texture in prof A from priority 28 to 250, it moves aswell in prof B which is strange in regards of the way MO ''works'' 


@GrantSP thats i've did, i've made a new copy of my Vanilla profile and start to load mods, Random start doesn't work anymore even if it's the only mod installed, it's like MO doesn't launch it, ECE aswell etc. looks more like a mod problem even it works for months before :(


is it possible that if i make a copy of prof A to create B just to have all the basics mod and text i use the most at once for ex., they cross in some way or became corrupted ?


i forgot to mention, that sometimes i've ''failed to save to Masterlist error''.. 


Well i've managed a workaround since yesterday or kind of, , i've get rid of useless profile, clean all created mod, run Fnis & every patcher again for every profile (3 now) to unload MO a bit, i'm using Alternative life and Race menu which works perfect.. and so far so good, no more error and MO start faster than ever.


thanks again it give me few hints to think about :)


ps: forgot to say i'm not english native obviously, so excuse me for any error .

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