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SRLE and SoS

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Is anyone using or has tried SoS, Schlongs of Skyrim with SRLE?


If so, what conflict resolution are you using?

I'm also a bit concerned about the script load of SoS and how it overwrites Enhanced Blood textures. Has anyone found any problems in game? Other then the opening carriage scene.


I personally don't care about "adult" mods, but I prefer SoS vs Better Males nude version because it looks more realistic.

I parallel both versions to UNPB vs UNP. UNPB physics make the body look more realistic.


In addition, because of the MCM options it allows you to choose what races will be non nude. That provides the choice to have underwear on NPC's if desired, when looting.

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I'll be testing SoS main file and see what happens.


I'm getting the following conflicts for Enhanced Blood Textures, but I'm not sure what these scripts are used for.

Should I let SoS overwrite them or should I have Enhanced Blood Textures overwrite SoS?




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