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  1. The Beautification guide adds the following after the SMC - Patches that is a bit confusing: Post Merge: Rename Cloaks Merged.esp to Cloaks.esp I'm following the Requiem Guide and couldn't find a merge section for Cloaks Merged. Is that an error?
  2. Thanks for the reply. So, I'm installing the official Relighting Skyrim - No JIT v 4.0.1 In the FOMOD/ Options: Exterior + Interiors/ DLC Options: Legendary. I end up with RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp, no script folder. Should I delete it and use the RelightingSkyrim.esp from the Relighting Skyrim Patches?
  3. I'm updating the guide to reflect the latest changes. (Last done back early in November). I noticed that Relighting Skyrim - Updated for USLEEP - 1.1.8 is offline on Nexus. Does anyone know if it has been offline for a while? Could someone share that with me privately?
  4. I found the mod that is causing the "blue swirl". If you have Bathing in Skyrim installed you have to use TES5Edit to fix it: Open the esp and go to Spells/GetDirty Overtime Activator Apply. Add the flag to this spell "Disallow Absorb". That will remove the conflict with the effect "The Atronach Stone" from Requiem
  5. Is anybody having the blue swirl effect on Ulfric and Tullius? That's introduced when a mod conflicts with the attribute doomAtronachAbility "The Atronach Stone" added to these NPC's by Requiem.
  6. You actually can. I did it quite a few times with SRLEXT LotD. I believe it's mentioned in one of the updates or somewhere in the mod page. I think the problem I'm having with the horses turning left too soon has to do with some setting that changes the horses. IH changes the horse speed but according with the author that is fixed in his end. I tried a quick patch that reverts the horse speed to vanilla and although Hadvar horse stays behind like it should, the carriage still take a left to soon into the mountain rather then the road. Anyway. I'm happy with using the "camping in the woods" to have the vanilla quest started
  7. Well, I'll just have to start with "Camping in the Woods" when playing the Vanilla Start. No big deal. Thanks for the reply.
  8. As anyone tried the Vanilla Start ("caught crossing the border" from Alternate Start) with the Requiem setup? I asked because the 2 carriage horse turn left too a bit too early just before the first curb. This causes them to be stuck while attempting to climb the mountain. It seems they want to make a straight path to Helgen from that point on. I wonder if others are having this issue.
  9. I was able to add RS Children to my SRLE Requiem setup without much trouble but I'm having a slight problem with the children from ETaC, the face is darker compared with the body although the morphology is the correct one from RS Children by using the EtaC patches. All others from Vanilla, Falskaar etc are fine. I wonder if somebody could point me in the right direction. Maybe something to be solved with CK, not sure.
  10. How do you change the record in TES5Edit? Where is it located?
  11. FYI RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp is not listed in the latest load order. Probably needs to be updated. Meanwhile, is it ok to place it after racecompatibility__usleep.esp?
  12. Is the mesh fix for Real Roads for Skyrim also needed when using SMC? I believe this mod is part of the SMC Pack but not sure if the fix is included or needed.
  13. I can confirm that konakriks_accoutrements__usleep.esp and scrr__usleep.esp are missing from the current load order
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