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what esp's to merge out of "space"

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hi everyone.

i have just made SK:RE/REGS installation. and wanted to add some combat mods and quest mods.

problem is.. now i have used all 255 mods "space"

så my question is.. what mods can i merge to free some space.


added my modlistloadorder


thank you alot for your time and help. it is apriciated.. i hope to get 10 slots more for the last mods.


as a last note... when looking through my modlist.. any idea to what mods i might be missing like combat mods, birthsign or race... that stuff " essentiels"




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If you load up all your mods in TES5Edit and load up the merge plugins script (like you did following the SR:LEe guide, just with all mods selected this time), then the script should highlight all the mergable mods in green.


Of course, don't go crazy and merge every green mod together (that would more than likely cause a bunch of overwrite problems and such). As I have gleaned from research I conducted myself, it's best to merge mods that are close together in the load order and to avoid modifying mods that are script intensive. Typically, all your weapon mods, armor mods, hair/face mods, etc. will get sorted close together in the load order, so it's pretty easy to merge those to their respective groups. As a rule of thumb, I try to merge the smaller mods first (weapons/armors, small mesh tweaks, etc.) and only merge the bigger stuff if I have to (combat mods, overhauls, city mods, etc.).


Other than that, I would read up on how to safely merge files because there's a chance that merging can cause errors and other annoying problems.

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