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  1. hi again. holy,.... i think you may be on to something...... great... "this ancient knowledge" i need to make dwarfen armor.. i may have to look into how to get this.. thank for setting me on the right path cheers Canadus
  2. hi again.. trid this but no luck.. more info... its allmost ALL dwarfen and orc smithing stuff.. all armor armor,,, greatswords.... but can make most other weapons. strange... all dwarfen armor is gone from smithing ??' cheers Canadus
  3. hi again. thanks for your reply posting load order now hope you can find something i did wrong what would explain this strange thing.. thanks cheers Canadus
  4. hey testing some more.. i can make elven greatswords when i choose the perk in smithing,,, but still not orcish or dwarfen. i even tried resetting my perks ising the 5 hearts,, but it dont help... i can still not make the greatswords. i allso cannot buy them in stores,,, that is,, i have never seen the "missing" greatswords in stores either any ideas?? cheers Canadus
  5. got a question,,(posseble bug) i cannot craft any greatswords higher than steel,,,, dwarfen,, orcish,, i cannot make,,, i have taken the perk to be able to craft them, and i can craft other dwarfen and orcish stuff and weapons,, just not greatswords. they are not even on the list of stuff i cannot make (lacking stuff) its just like they are not in the game anymore. you guys have any ideas of what could do that ?? in Crafting overhaul 2handed is enabled. cheers Canadus
  6. great.. thanks for the heads up,,, and thank you for all the work you/team are putting in this guide this is really apriciated cheers Canadus
  7. hi sirjesto Great,, i will try this patch when i get home from work. thank you so much... much apriciate. hope it works allright when i have not selected a class in disparity. feeling a bit more "normal" that i am not the only one with "those cravings" cheers Canadus
  8. got a question,. now that vigor is gone,, i kinda miss the feature to turn off natural regen, is there a mod or setting anywhere, where i can disable natural regen,, or best,, turn it down ALOT,,, i kinda like, having to heal somehow ,,,, or waite a LONG time,,, cheers Canadus
  9. ok thanks.... looks like i have some hours work sorting this out :P Canadus
  10. ok thank you,,,, damn my left side is a mess to say the least does this list https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Darth_mathias/SRLE_Extended_Legacy_of_The_Dragonborn_Integration_guide go from 1 to (last number) top to bottom. or is there another list where i can see what order i sould have my left side as ?? Canadus
  11. got a question,, im using MO,,, and,,, just call me dumb,, but after having modded,,, installed,, deleted, moved,,, renamed and stoff like that in mo. well.... how importent is the order of the LEFT box in MO,,,, i get it that the right one "load" order is VERy importent,,, but how about the left. i know this link https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Darth_mathias/SRLE_Extended_Legacy_of_The_Dragonborn_Integration_guide but does that show from top to bottom number 1 to 900 ? i know everyone probbaly know this,, but i dont,,, yet sorry cheers Canadus
  12. aa ok... never thought to look as far back as the srle BASE installation.,.. thanks :)
  13. but whee am i missing it,, bcos Skyrim Flora Overhaul Regular Edition v1.91 Special Installation: Do not install the following file/folders: Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp ???SFO - Expanded Diversity.esp
  14. hmm trying to follow the latest changes- SFO on steroids want skyrim flora overhaul,, and thats not in my load order ? canadus ?
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