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MO, GPU, Mod or something else? 2 problems :S



Hello guys,


I usually do not really come here to ask questions, but this time something really strange is going on. I wonder if anyone has experienced this and if anyone can help me out. Mod Organizer.. or well, not MO but Skyrim, keeps crashing on me. I've started a new game with the same mods as usual and I keep crashing 10 minutes in-game. When I reach Whiterun, all hell breaks loose and I even crash 1 - 4 seconds after loading the game every time.
A strange thing here is, textures are already breaking during that time (apearing in purple), so it would indicate a lack of VRAM, but this fast? Surely that's not it.
The strangest thing, however is that MO or something else I don't know about seems to automatically delete meta files. I try and play for a bit, I get a crash, I go to the recycle bin and there are tons of MO files in there. It never did this in the past. I updated to the latest version yesterday, but this was already happening before then. I really don't know what to do here, or what it could be.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I recently updated my GPU, but it happened before then as well. I started with skyrim about 1 week ago, after a break of about 2 - 3 months. I seriously don't see how this could all be messed up now.

Thanks in advance,

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A few things come to mind.


First, you use both mods "ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer" and "RaceMenu", which isn't needed anymore because RaceMenu incorporates the functionality of the precacher killer mod since version 2.7.0. So "RaceMenu" alone is sufficient by itself.


Then regarding SKSE.ini, your folder setup for that file is not entirely correct, it should be in:

Mod Organizer/mods/SKSE Scripts Only/SKSE/SKSE.ini


"The Dance of Death" can also be replaced by "VioLens - A Killmove Mod", it is feature and topicality-wise the mod to go, even the author of TDoD says to install VioLens instead of TDoD.


Last but not least, you really should clean your official master files (the official DLCs) and mods where LOOT tells you that they need cleaning. Here are some tutorials:


The fact that files get dumped to your pastebin is worrying though, don't really know why that happens.



Which version of MO have you installed, the latest version 1.3.11 ?

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Do you use LOOT to sort your load order?

Can you post your load order?

Did you clean the official master files with TES5Edit?

Did you clean the mods that LOOT reports to be dirty using TES5Edit?

Are you using a bashed patch?

Are you using the Unofficial Patches?

If you are using the Unofficial Patches, in which order did you interlace them between the DLCs within MO's left pane?

Do you use ENBoost?

Did you setup a SKSE.ini file, in which the 'Skyrim Memory Patch' is activated?

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Hey guys I'm going to answer the both of you and provide a tiny bit of extra information, too.

So first: yes, LOOT does my load order for me, but I always move Better Vampires (now 7.1), the Formlist for Royal Bloodline + BV, + Marriable Serana + MS optional file to the bottom, right above Alternate start, because I've had those two glitching up my game if not loaded there when installed together. That's all I generally change.

I shall post my load order at the bottom, no problemo.

I do not clean any TES5Edit files myself, except for my own mods, so no, I haven't cleaned anything you may ever be referring to.

Since I use various mods with leveled lists ad animations, I have made it my habit to ALWAYS run FNIS and create a Bashed Patch for a single profile after every single change. Not including my vanilla profile, of course.

Yes, I use the Unofficial Patches, completely updated.

For as far as I know, I always have them in the correct order: Skyim, USKP, Dawnguard, UDP, Heartfire, UHP, Dragonborn, UDRP, High-Res Texture Pack 1, 2, 3, UHRP (dummies disabled).

I do use Sharpshooters Classic Version 5, but not ENBoost. Never have, never had a problem in the past with Sharpshooters, either.

The SKSE version of the Sheson patch has been enabled. Wait, I just checked. I HAD the patch installed, but the whole INI is missing now. Like I said before, files somehow are disappearing into my recycle bin. I usually click restore, but maybe I accidentally deleted a few. Would not surprise me, as I didn't immediately notice the problem, because I normally do not open the bin before deleting files.


I have just recreated the INI in Mod Organizer/mods/SKSE Scripts Only/SKSE.ini, as the following:




I am going to try and see if this works after writing this message.


About the textures, I know that it means missing textures and it generally means my Graphics card has had enough for one session, or that I must uninstall a new texture pack because it's too heavy. However, 3 seconds in the game is something I haven't had before. Normally, it's either boom crash (no breaking of textures first), or play, play, missing texture 1, play, a few more missing, crash.

All BSA files are active and all the plugins that should be active are, too, even after making the Bashed Patch (sometimes critical files got inactive after using Wrye Bash, but not anymore it seems).


Something I wanted to add: I have just tested the game through my vanilla profile without failure for about an hour. No breaking textures, nothing. So that's good. It tells me my GPU is most likely not dying, but it does tell me that the breaking textures in the other profile are most likely due to mods, even though I uninstalled all Book of Silence modules and could run that in the past. Also, nothing got deleted into my Recycle Bin by playing vanilla, for as far as I can tell, but things got deleted by simply starting up MO (and maybe while downloading an updated version to the Onean Healing Girl follower, which I have not installed yet). I made a screenshot of what got deleted and will add that to the post, if possible.


Clicking the right mouse button after Ctrl + A to place everything back works, but then a small list just gets dumped again, while MO is active. I shall add that screenshot, too.


Here's the modlist created by MO, but I deleted the inactive file entries.

# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.



+Bashed Patch Aeyana 9 sept 2015
+FNIS Aeyana 9 sept 2015
+Alternate Start - Live Another Life
+Hunterborn Campfire Patch
+Marriable Serana (optional but needed)
+Royal Bloodline - Vampire Lord perk tree - abilities - and more
+Better Vampires 7.1
+Marriable Serana
+Better Fast Travel Boats and Carriages
+Animations (harvest loot and so on) - USKP fix
+Animations (harvest loot and so on)
+Harvest Overhaul
+Flora Respawn Fix - Harvest Overhaul Version
+Immersive Spells and Light - Spells emit light
+Campfire - Complete Camping System
+Pretty Female Idles Aeyana (vampire)
+Skyrim Scroll Crafting
+Archery Gameplay Overhaul - ENHANCED CAMERA 1.2 INI
+Archery Gameplay Overhaul
+Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade patch for frostfall
+Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade hotfix
+Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
+Staff Crafting - Enhanced Mage Armoury
+Katana-YotoHatamonba -espFix
+Katana-YotoHatamonba - bloody version
+Khayla Follower UNP CBBE UNPB SevenBase
+sanul17 Followers
+Lanya Follower younger version overwrite
+Lanya Follower
+Bishu Osafune ju Morikage Katana and Tachi
+Katana Crafting
+Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi
+Descent Into Madness
+The Shadow of Meresis
+Enemy Enhancer
+Skyrim Spells And Powers By WarriorKeKe
+DJQ Princesses followers
+Follower Soletta
+Dark Elf Melissa Follower - normal eyes
+Lane Follower Fair skin optional file
+Lane Follower main file
+CLover Follower CBBE Uncompressed
+CLover Follower UNP main file
+Vivace Follower (hair repair)
+Vivace Follower
+Standalone Follower Onean (Tsugumi hair option) error patch
+Standalone Follower Onean (Tsugumi hair option)
+Standalone Follower Meiko
+Standalone Follower Neisa
+animated feathered Wings
+Real Flying (with Gliding and Collisions) scripts update
+Real Flying (with Gliding and Collisions)
+Animated Dragon Wings
+Seductress Serana, Elizabeth standalone follower (andere opties kunnen gekozen worden)
+Gwelda (Little) Red Riding Hood Outfit UUNP - CBBE (CBBE VERSION HDT)
+Gwelda (Little) Red Riding Hood Outfit UUNP - CBBE
+Improved Dragon Shouts
+The College of Winterhold - NPC Improvement Race Menu FIX
+The College of Winterhold - NPC Improvement
+Marcia Follower optional no warpaint
+Marcia Follower
+Elina Follower
+Training Dummies Provide XP
+Female Cicero English voice
+Female Cicero
+Skyrim - Enhanced Camera
+Sharpshooters Data plus water fix
+ã€Skeleton】XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended
+XD Follower_Aisha
+Water AND Wind Destruction Magic
+Serenity The Frosty Follower
+Clean up your Corpses white widget
+Clean up your Corpses
+Ashara Dimonized Dress and jewelry - UNP - male - CBBE PATCH
+Expanded Jewelry Crafting
+Ashara Dimonized Dress and jewelry - UNP - male - CBBE
+Eloise - Custom voiced follower
+Craftable and moveable alchemy and crafting containers
+RQ - Tanning and Smelting Experience
+Chasing The Dragon
+Tiny ChildrenGirls Army (Girls Only)
+Tiny Children Girls Overhaul (Girls Only)
+The Ruffled Feather
+Tame the Beasts of Skyrim II - Version 1 6 High Resolution (Dragonborn Addon)
+Tame the Beasts of Skyrim II - Version 1 6 High Resolution (Dawnguard Addon)
+Tame the Beasts of Skyrim II - Version 1 6 High Resolution
+The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod
+Swaying Idle Animation for Dragonfly TBBP
+The TBBP animation of Dragonfly with butt bounce
+Sustained Spells
+Supreme Storms
+Supreme and Volumetric Fog
+Summer Wear V2 nsfw
+Splash of Rain
+Smile in HD
+SKSE Scripts Only
+Sit animation
+Shredded Triss Armor
+ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer
+ShowRaceMenu Alternative - Latest Version
+SG Textures Renewal CBBE
+SG Hair Pack 268 by HelloSanta
+SG Female Textures Renewal - NIET DE BETA
+SG Female Eyebrows
+Sera, Valery and others Adoptable children (only)
+RWL Megaloceros
+Running with a bow 3rd person
+rk Followers v1 6 CBBE
+Remove Helmet Requirement From Armor Perk Bonuses
+Realistic Ragdolls and Force
+RANs Dolly FaceTex
+Ranger Tris Follower
+Pretty Staff And Magic Cast Animations v01.d
+Phenderix Magic Evolved - 320 Spells
+Northgirl Armor CBBE_Retextures
+Northgirl Armor CBBE
+Northgirl Armor UNP fix
+Northgirl Armor UNP
+Nara follower CBBE
+Name Your Horse
+MFVM - More Follower Voices Mod Plus Khajiit Marriage
+Merta Assassin OPTIONAL Tattoos
+Merta Assassin Armor UNP - CBBE
+MBWS Lovely Girl Followers - MLGF
+MBWS DLC Heroines - Serana -Inspired by SBF
+MBWS DLC Heroines - Serana and Frea
+Lustmord Vampire Armor
+Loot and Degradation
+Lisa Follower
+Kitiara - Standalone Follower - Custom Voiced
+Kamille Shy minor Fix esp only
+Kamille shy makeup file - optional
+Kamille Shy CBBEv3 Unique Armor Version
+Immersive Skyrim Thunder V6
+Immersive HUD - iHUD
+Hircine's Influence
+Helmet Toggle - Show Hide
+HDT Physics Extensions
+HDT HighHeels System
+Guard Dialogue Overhaul
+Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS
+Footprints - Ashes
+Follower Commentary Overhaul
+Follower - Rebecca and Viletta
+FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Scripts - FISS
+Female Facial Animation
+FairyFollowers V1
+Face to face conversation
+Elemental Dragons
+DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance
+Dread Knight Weapon Set
+Deadly Dragons
+Dawnguard Vampire Armors Retexture CRAFTABLE
+Dawnguard Vampire Armors Retexture
+Dark Maneuvers - Harkon shield Undead Lords and more
+Convenient Horses
+Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
+BVFE - No Bloodshot Eyes
+BVFE - ECE Patch
+BVFE - Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes
+Bloodthirst - Vampire NPCs can feed
+Better Vampire Lord Transformation - queen armor
+Better Vampire Lord Transformation
+Better MessageBox Controls
+Better Dialogue Controls
+Belt-Fastened Quivers Animation Only
+Bathing in Skyrim
+Bat Travel Vampire Power
+Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
+AutoSave Manager
+Auto Unequip Ammo
+ApachiiSkyHair 1.6
+ApachiiSkyHair 1.5 (kan meer bevatten dan 1.6)
+MBWS Followers II - Shield Sisters -
+A Quality World Map
+A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget
+Sit Anywhere
+YY Anim Replacer - Princess' Horse Riding
+YY Anim Replacer - Natural Jump
+YY Anim Replacer - Lovely Shout
+Wrath of Nature - The Path of the Druid
+Wrath of Nature - The Champion of Kynareth
+White Demon Hunter Armor
+Demon Hunter - CBBEv3
+Wet and Cold - Ashes
+Wet and Cold
+Guardians Of Scrolls
+Victoria Velina - Custom Voiced Follower BETA
+Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix
+Unofficial High Resolution Patch
*Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack03
*Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack02
*Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack01
+Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
*Unmanaged: Dragonborn
+Unofficial Hearthfire Patch
*Unmanaged: HearthFires
+Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
*Unmanaged: Dawnguard
+Unofficial Skyrim Patch




Mind you, in my left pane, the order is from Unofficial Skyrim Patch, to Unmanaged: Dawnguard, all the way DOWN to the Bashed Patch. so the order listed here upside-down.


And here's the load order as generated by MO:




# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp
Supreme Fog.esp
Bishu Osafune-ju Morikage.esp
Bathing in Skyrim - Main.esp
Animated Dragon Wings.esp
Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade.esp
Improved Dragon Shouts - Dawnguard.esp
Water and Wind Destruction.esp
Sit Anywhere.esp
Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp
Convenient Horses.esp
Better Dynamic Snow.esp
Training Dummies XP.esp
Dread Knight Weapon Set.esp
Remove Helmet Requirement From Armor Perk Bonuses.esp
Auto Unequip Ammo.esp
Improved Dragon Shouts.esp
Moss Rocks.esp
Merta Assassin Armor.esp
Hebrock_Der Schatten von Meresis - EV.esp
Footprints - Ash.esp
Girls Overhaul.esp
Fudou Myouou.esp
Improved Dragon Shouts - Dragonborn.esp
FCO - Follower Commentary Overhaul.esp
Marcia Follower.esp
Merta Assassin Tattoos.esp
Real Flying.esp
Seductress Elizabeth.esp
DVA - Dynamic Vampire Appearance.esp
Supreme Storms.esp
The Dance of Death - Ultimate Edition.esp
BFT Ships and Carriages.esp
Bathing in Skyrim - Water for WATER (Dragonborn).esp
Victoria Velina Revamped.esp
Gwelda Red Riding Hood.esp
Tame Beast.esp
Hircine's Influence V1.1.esp
Hircine's Influence Nordic Stuff.esp
Guardians of Scrolls.esp
Champion of Kynareth.esp
TCoW Improvement.esp
MBWSLGF - All in One.esp
Phenderix's Magic Evolved.esp
Cute Adoptable.esp
Girls Army.esp
Training Dummies XP Dawnguard.esp
Bathing in Skyrim - Water for WATER (Dawnguard).esp
Follower Meiko.esp
Follower Neisa.esp
Follower Onean.esp
WATER Plants.esp
Hunterborn Campfire Patch.esp
BVLT - Human.esp
Bathing in Skyrim - Water (Vanilla).esp
WetandCold - Ashes.esp
Wrath Of Nature.esp
Eloise Follower.esp
dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp
Follower - Rebecca & Viletta.esp
Marriable Serana.esp
Marriable Serana HF.esp
Better Vampires.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
Bashed Patch, 0.esp



Now those screenshots...

Here's Recycle Bin Situation 1: https://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=c1cc1c8

Here's Recycle Bin Situation 2: https://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=f8caf46


Now there's actually one last thing: I have found something that should optimize textures. I have made a full system backup before I went to bed anyway, so I'm going to try that (if the SKSE patch is not enough) and then we'll see if things are fixed with the crashing. But the files being deleted automatically, even dll files, remains a mystery to me. I hope you guys know what's up with that :S


Thanks again, I'll check this again after giving incoming responses some time (I'll check later today),


Have a perfect day,

- DiaborMagics

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Alright, thank you for your reply! I have been really busy today so I haven't had time to test anything else yet, but you're right, I got the wrong folder for the ini. Thanks for spotting that! 
I'll disable the precache killer and I'll replace The Dance of Death. I have always kept TDoD in my load order since I started modding, so I never really bothered to check for a different one. 

Cleaning I shall do, too, once I find the time to do so - does cleaning require a new savegame, or can I start a new savegame to test and if everything's okay, keep going and clean later? 

I updated MO yesterday or the day before with the 'update' button in MO itself. V1.3.11 is indeed the number it shows me. 

The recycle bin indeed still worries me. If everything gets fixed and that keeps on going things might end up breaking over and over again....


Thanks again!

- DiaborMagics

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Hello again, 


I am going to bed and I'm going to test things tomorrow, but I've updated loot - i was still running version 6-something. I cleaned the master files and all mods that needed cleaning, I have used Optimizer Textures/Ordinador with some extra tips to get the best results, I have replaced TDoD, removed the PreCache Killer, made new bashed and fnis patches and basically I think I've worked out everything that needed working out. Ive deleted my previous (recent) failed savegames and Im going to start fresh again. That wiould be the 5th time, but if it all works starting with that savegame I'll be very happy. The other 4 didnt last more than 1 - 2 hours no matter what I tried.


I'll let you know,



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Alright GrantSP, I shall do that from now on if I post lists like that. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


I am FINALLY getting around to testing my game again, so im going to do that. But on the Recylce Bin issue: i have the idea it only deletes dll's and stuff to the bin while starting up. I had the idea to cut them out of the bin and into a folder on my desktop. Then I closed MO and started it back up. Nothing got purged. So I went into the DLL folder in MO and I found boost_python-vc100-mt-1_55.dll was replace by boost_python-vc100-mt-1_56.dll. I can almost only conclude that it purges the files from BEFORE my MO software update - can anyone confirm this is true? Because if that's the case, nothing is wrong after all.

I googled some more and found that the unfinished.meta files are automatically cast to the recycle bin, because they are not needed anymore. Never experienced this before, but now it at least makes sense to me. 


So IF that is fixed, I'm very happy :D Now only the game itself should be left and if I'm right, virtually nothing can be wrong with it anymore. Let's find out.....

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Is your vanilla game stable in Whiterun?


I would lilkly do the following if I was seeing what you are.


Start a new game via MO and 'coc whiterunorigin' to have a quick peek and see if things are in order.

If things are messed up try it from Steam or what every install you use outside of MO.

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Alright, by now I can say my game is indeed a lot more stable. I have checked vanilla Skyrim before without problems. Pretty sure I covered that in a post above.

But anyway, I've tested it yesterday for about 3 hours and I only had about... 4 CTD's. This is still a lot in general, but it's progress. It's a million times better than crashing every second. What's more is that I have actually added more mods to fully test if it would work (yes I became a little eager, I know that's not what one should do when testing). It seems to me the crashes are merely a scrip overload now and they primareily happened (like 3 out of the 4) when I was fighting a mage; I'm a mage myself and I had a mod for spell lighting effects. I turned it off and it became even more stable. If I find some more mods that are a bit too much and tone them down or turn them off, I should be fine. 

MO itself is not dumping stuff into the Recycle Bin anymore either, except for unfinished.meta files and that's okay. So my game is at least playable now. MO seems to work fine... I think the issue can be marked as solved by now. 

Thanks for all the responses guys!

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