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Safe to disable "Dangerous Diseases" in iNeed's MCM menu?

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G'day guys, just started my play through, I'm a couple of hours in and I'm not really enjoying the Dangerous Diseases part of iNeed and so I'm wondering if it's safe to disable the dangerous diseases part in the MCM while retaining my save file.


(The Cure disease potion doesn't exist, so I can't make cures with alchemy? I know about the other methods, I wanna use alchemy.)


Thanks for any help :)

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I have turned it off with no ill effect.


You can disable it in the MCM if memory serves. You can also disable iNeeds, that will clear any diseases you have. Then reenable. Got really sick once. No idea how but this cleared the boards.   


Enabling and disabling iNeeds seems to be safe.

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Thanks Echo, I really didn't want to have to start again it would have been the 4th or 5th time this week I've started a new game and done the MCM menus =/


Also crafting the 'Cure Disease' potion via alchemy had no effect on the diseases I had, it continued to get worse after waiting, so I'm taking it off :(.


Thanks for the help you two :D

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I think you need to find specific cure disease potions for the disease you have, it only removes the general 'cure disease' potion I believe.

This is the correct answer.


Reference: https://sites.google.com/site/modsbyisoku/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/ineed/advanced



Dangerous Diseases (Nexus: included in iNeed's archive)

  • Disabled by default unless the addon is installed.
  • All non-transformative diseases will be more unique, harder to cure and progress through 4 deadlier stages at random intervals.
  • If you do not keep yourself rested, you will receive an additional debuff.
  • Altars do not cure anymore. Instead, you must pay a priest or use a potion.
  • "Potions of Cure Disease" no longer exist in-game. They have been replaced with different potions for each disease.
  • When you are cured, diseases will not disappear immediately but will regress over time.
  • A stage 1 or "Mild" disease has a chance of regressing without any action of yours.
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