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MO, CK and multiple profiles.



I'm doing some research into trying to get my decorated player homes into the CK and making them into mods. I have NO experience with the CK, so I don't know if it's even feasable. The issue I'm wondering about is ..how do I find a player home from one particular profile and get it into the CK with MO? I have four profiles. Do I just make sure the profile containing the house I want to modify in CK is selected in MO? Sorry if it seems a stupid question, I'm clueless about this stuff. I've never tried to use CK before. Thanks for any help.

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Profiles in MO are just lists of installed mods that can be active in the game, so with that in mind, this is what you should look at.

If your player home is just a mod that can be active in any game, ensure that it is active in the left-hand pane and its plugin(s) is(are) active in the right-hand pane. When the CK, loaded from MO, starts that mod will be available for editing.


To put this another way, the mods that are available in your game with the selected profile, are the exact same mods loaded into the CK, if you have correctly installed and activated the CK from within MO.


Please read the MO wiki to get a better understanding of how to do this.

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For any project you got going in the CK simply put the .esp into the overwrite folder. It will be shared among all profiles and the CK will also save any files to this folder if you create them from scratch. Once your project is done move it out of the overwrite folder and into its own directory. 


At least that is the way I do it, to keep it simple. 

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