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Error in MO trying to install a mod "installation failed (errorcode5)



I am trying to reinstall Character Overhaul in Fallout New Vegas (does it matter which game?) and suddenly the MO is acting all wierd on me. First I get a popup saying "Index was outside the bounds of the array." Followed by "installation failed (errorcode 5)" when I click ok. What is going on?

Point me to the right forum if this is the wrong place to ask about this.

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Welcome to STEP.


You haven't stated which version of MO you are running or the settings you have set to handle fomods, which is what FCO is.

So, assuming you have either the 1.2.18 stable version of the still in testing 1.3.4 version of MO the result will still be the same.

In the 'Settings' dialog and on the 'Plugins' tab, ensure the 'Fomod Installer' has both options set to false.


In both cases the 'external installer' will run and show the FCO installation screens. If it doesn't then perhaps there is an error in your current MO installation and you should rectify that.


Easiest way to do that is to delete everything in the Mod Organizer folder except: 'mods', 'downloads' & 'profiles' folders and your ModOrganizer.ini and with the latest full archive version of whichever MO you like, I suggest 1.2.18 if you don't wish to share in testing, and copy the contents back into the now empty Mod Organiser folder. (empty except for those folders/files I mentioned.)


This will preserve all your current settings and mods and will provide you with a fresh install with no leftovers from previous installs that 'might' be causing errors.


If you are still getting this error, post the logs from the 'Logs' folder here and if a *.dmp file was created, post that also.

Ideally you should create a new issue report in the Bug Genie, but for the time being post them here and we will try to assist as best we can.

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