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MO No Longer Launching Skyrim



After successfully running the Mod Organizer without issue for about a week, recently I've encountered a problem when trying to start Skyrim. Whenever I click on "Run," MO locks itself as if the game is playing, but Skyrim does not actually start. If running SKSE, the initial black box appears, but after it closes the game doesn't begin. According to my task manager, Skyrim is running as a background process, but is not one of my active apps. There are no error messages, as MO seems to believe that the game is properly running.


When I launch Skyrim through other means, such as my Steam library or the .exe's, it works fine (albeit without any of my mods active,) which leads me to believe that the issue is with MO. I did not install any new mods or modify the .ini files of my game between when it was working and when the issue arose. Does anyone know of a fix for this, or have suggestions for where I could look for a solution?

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Unless you want to help Tannin (the mod author) debug the latest beta version of MO, I would suggest you stick to the the current version 1.2.18. Tannin hangs around these parts and is very responsive, but based on your new status, stick to the current version.

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