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Overclocking for a nervous beginner



As the title implies, I'm new to overclocking and fairly nervous about it. Just looking for some general guidance on what I've done so far and if I've either gone farther than is safe or can go more. Of course no one is responsible for my hardware but me :) I think i'm well in the safe zone but recently pondering if I could push it a bit more. I based my overclocking mostly on a guide I found that used my exact card, I followed the levels they went to then dialed it back quite a bit just to be safe. No issues that I can see other than my gpu sounds like an airplane preparing for takeoff. The max temp I've seen it go is 81


Here is a screenshot of my nvidia inspector overclocked settings, any hints/thoughts/advice/dire warnings appreciated :)


my nvidia inspector

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Just monitor the temperatures using your manufacturer's oc tool don't let it go above say... 80C-90C it should be fine but I don't let mine get that hot personally. I think they're supposed to be OK as long as it doesn't get to like 120-150C for the newer Nvidia cards (usually). Other than that use some benchmarks like 3DMark Firestrike, Valley Benchmark, and such.. Maybe do a Work unit or two of Folding @ Home just to be sure. If you start getting lue screens dial the gpu oc down some. Unless you're also ocing the cpu in which case do that one as well.

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