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Question about the directions for the STEP guide



So this happens a lot but to give a quick example:

The closer quivers and longer arrows mod provides a patch for many weapon mods including Immersive Weapons.

I'm going to be using Immersive Weapons.

So should I deviate from the directions of STEP? How am I supposed to a get a bunch of mods working, mods that have been patched by a the authors of a lot of the mods listed in STEP?

Apparently STEP will work with ANY mod setup but this seems illogical. Another example: CCO provides patches for Realistic Needs and Diseases and for Interesting NPCs, but we shouldnt install them to adhere to step, which works with ANY modded setup.

Can someone help me out :/

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Alright, I'm just making sure.

I don't know if it's necesarry, but maybe something could be said in the guide?

The way it looks right now, it is as if it would be a sin to install a patch that is "not supported by step."

Makes it seem like everything would break :/


Thanks anyway

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