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How to remove unwanted grass



First sorry for my English.


I just installed Skyrim Flora Overhaul and Unique Grasses and Groundcovers. Flora is looking much better and various now. But with one problem: in many places grass is strange, unwanted, for example tall grass in tents, or grass growing through slabs in castle's yard. Is it possible to remove such grass somehow?

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phazer11, thanks for the reply and pointing me out.


It turned out that SFO is nothing to do with it. The culprit is the Unique Grasses. Higher iMinGrassSize is helped but not so much.

iMinGrassSize = 20 (recommended value from Unique Grasses mod's page)

iMinGrassSize = 40


It seems that there no simple way to get rid of this clipping grass. This is the note from the author:



The ClippingFixer Beta has been released!

What many have been asking for ever since the mods release. This file is labeled 'Beta' but is fully functional. Main file required (does not work w/ less dense version yet). Make sure you let the clippingfixer files overwrite the main files plugin. The only covers areas around Whiterun and Khajiit trading camp in Riften. More will be added as needed. Please report problem areas (preferably with pictures of the map location) so I can fix them.

It functions by painting dirt textures without grass attached under meshes and buildings that should not have grass growing through them. Naturally, this will cause some incompatibilities with mods that edit the landscape (painting it or raising/lowering it). One such mod I know is incompatible at this point is the Whiterun plugin for 'Immersive Settlements'. It cause some building to look as though they are floating (because the mod author of IS raised the land to fit new building). If you want to use both, make sure the IS is loading after the ClippingFixer so that it overwrites these cell changes.




Now I just disabled this mod. Alas, I like this grass...

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