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Game launches into a small window


Sorry, I tried to search for that topic but if there is one, I used the wrong searchwords.


I just installed MO for the first time and already included a lot of mods. When I wanted to do a testrun the game started not normally fullscreen, but just in a little screen that is even 1/4 of my complete screen.

I tried this with the Skyrim-Launcher as well as with SKSE, but nothing changes, it is still way to small. Does anyone has got an idea what I could do?

Ah, I think I know the mistake. I just reinstalled Skyrim and didn't start it normally. Up to know, Skyrim didn't addapted to my settings :D

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Open MO's ini editor and select skyrimprefs.ini, search for..



bFull Screen=1
iSize H=1080
iSize W=1920


.. and change it to those values (and adjust the lower two ones to what your screen resolution is. Did that help?

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