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Enchantments are buggered...


I've started a new playthrough.  I've been noticing that all of the enchanted item with the moniker "of Alchemy" are providing a boost to speed (movement rate) instead of the alchemy skill bonus.  That got me digging around in Tes5Edit and I was quite surprised at what I found:


15241601084_ee7f49883a.jpg2014-11-23 19_25_17-TES5Edit 3.0.33 EXPERIMENTAL



So it seems as though SkyRe Main has "blended" the items together and caused the "of speed" items to vanish (I can't even find them in game with console commands) and fracked the enchantment on the "of Alchemy" items.


I don't know how I did this, nor do I know how to fix it.


What's worse is that I'm afraid this is just the tip of an iceberg and there may be other (more vital) changes that I have yet to hit.



Anyway, my Skyrim setup began as a STEP Extended config and I added about 150 100 additional mods (including SkyRe, Frostfall, iNeed, several armor mods, etc etc...  I can provide the entire list if needed).  The only things besides adding mods I've done is cleaning and optimising the main and DLC esps/esms, the reproccer patches, FNIS, bashed patch, and added Viridian ENB.  The game runs - I do have random CTDs, but who doesn't, right? I was about to merge some plugins, but I decided against it - certainly until I get this problem solved.


Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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