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Grouping, Bundling or Packaging

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I might be missing this if it's already in MO, but is there a way to create groups or bundles of mods to enable and disable at once.  For instance, if you want to experiment with various body, armor and animation mods that only work well together.  Or if you want to jump from with from a vanillia climate setup, to SFO w/ ENB and lighting or to the tropical climates mods.  

Hope this makes sense.



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You could try setting up profiles based on what mods you want installed. The only proviso here is if ANY mod exists in more than one profile and is setup differently in each, e.g. a bashed patch or an esp created by an external tool like a ReProccer, then that file will be incorrect.


So, if all the mods you want for your 'weather' setup are stand alone files with nothing custom generated, you could create a "Weather" profile and when you select that all those files will be loaded, ordered and enabled correctly.


I do this for simple things like a "Magic user" setup that has mods to enhance magic or I have a "Khajiit" profile that has, what I consider, specific mods that apply to just khajiits.

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