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Merging NMM mods with MO?



Sorry for asking a question that probably been asked many before, but i cant find any


i been using NMM for a long time now, having like 200 mods or so in there (about 100 not installed), if now i wanted to change to use MO for a fresh new game, is it able to merge all mod into MO and have it categorized like there (sync)? coz when i start MO first time it show all mods installed are unmanaged, and doesnt show mods havnt been installed, if now i must download everything from start then i will be dead, its like 15gb of mods or so


thank you if anyone can help me


*Edit: im not sure the option NMM import does so havnt pressed anything yet >_< and also it seems not import the mods that havnt been installed

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Ok I read like part of hat you said but I believe it's the general rule is to never use the nmm import thing.

I don't know why but I can think of reasons.


I would just look down the lost of mods you have and then redowload them.

I would also say keep the mods that you download backed up somewhere because nexus is ban happy and author love to hide their files for long periods of time when updating.

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If, like me you have limited download amounts, you could always copy over the archives into the 'downloads' folder of MO and then just 'Query Info' and have them setup quickly that way. Then you would need to 'install' them into MO ready for play.

Especially if you have mods like texture overhauls that can amount into 100's of Mb then not having to re-download them is an asset. As @hishutup said, mods have a habit of disappearing from Nexus so working with your local copies is fine.

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hello, thanks for reply, im not intented to download again from nexus ofc, most of texture mods are too big to download again, i know nmm puts the zip files in "mods" folder, i just not sure which folder is the same for MO


i dun lose any mods, i just simply want to merge my 200 mods info and zip from NMM to MO without having to download again for categorized, and i keep all the zip, never deleted any


now i found out that mods that havnt been installed put on download tabs of MO


and where is this "query info" option? :O will it help categorize my mods?

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I have never used NMM so excuse me if I miss something that is specific to that program.

As far as MO is concerned there are a few locations that you will need to look at.


The actual location of Mod Organizer is dependent on where you installed it, either in your 'Program Files' or as a sub-directory of your game's folder.

The downloads are not surprisingly in "downloads", these are the archives from Nexus or where ever you got them, and the actual installed mods are folders, named after the archives, in "mods".


If you copy all your archives from NMM into the downloads folder of MO and then start the program, the 'Downloads' tab on thr right-hand side will have all those files listed but with a red yield icon. Right-clicking on each file and selecting 'Query Info' will fill out the details about version number, endorsement status, any extra information about the mod etc. This means instead of seeing just:

ModName-11111-v0.1beta.zip or something similar

It will say Awesome Weapon Mod version 0.1 beta (Main 0.1 beta) with a tooltip that shows an extra information that exists.


"Will it help with filling out the categories?" No. But the categories supplied don't exactly match with the Nexus ones anyway. Probably because MO handles Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout3 & FalloutNV which all have slightly different categories on the Nexus. The main ones are the same but there are enough changes to make it matter. Truthfully, categories as they exist in MO, are purely a user preference thing anyway. It makes no difference to how the mods are installed, sorted or otherwise managed. They are just to assist you in grouping certain mods together and are used in the 'Filter' option to the lower left of the left-hand pane.

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https://youtu.be/KD-StaBzXaI?list=PLE7DlYarj-DcLS9LyjEqOJwFUQIIQewcK - Gopher: Mod Organizer #6 - Beyond Nexus Mod Manager


Don't know if you have resolved your issue with NMM and MO or not.  If not, you can watch this video on the "how to" in which you're asking.


This video is about an hour long and I do suggest you watch the whole thing.


01:24 Using NMM and MO together
09:22 Migrating from NMM to MO
12:40 Backing up your NMM mods
16:08 Import from NMM tool
27:09 Restoring NMM mods and setup
29:57 Manual Migration from NMM to MO
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