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MO, Loot and finalizing load order



I've finally finished to follow the step guide, and installed everything.

Prior to launch to start my playthrough, im just wondering about the load order.

At the very bottom on the load panel, now I have

Dual Sheath Redux

DSR Output

Better Shaped Weapons - All in One Installer 

Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS

FNIS Patch

Bashed Patch



While in the plugin order on the right, loot have placed the dual sheath redux patch at the last place, immediately after the bashed patch.esp


Is this order correct, or should i change anything else to be sure ? For example placing the bashed esp too in the last place of the right panel in MO.

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I wasn't sure about it, i used the order in wich they are presented at the end of the step guide, the video guide for FNIS also said specifically to be sure to have the bashed patch in the left panel placed at the bottom, my concern was for the load order of the plugin, if place the bashed patch at the last spot, or if it is ok to leave it placed in the bottom before the dual sheat redux plugin.

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From what I've understood myself, you are to place your bashed patch at the bottom of your LO, with the exception of skyproc patchers (Dual Sheath Redux, ASIS, etc.).


Either way, you create your bashed patch first then run SUM. LOOT should sort this out properly anyway. You could verify this by highlighting the plugin and looking at the priority given to it. You'll see that the bashed patch plugin has a priority to place it at the bottom, and any plugins generated through SUM have a priority to place them below the bashed patch.


Hope this clarifies things.

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I need some help. Hope I can explain the sitiation the best I can. When it comes to the bashed patch and DSR.esp and DSR output.esp (per DSR recommendations STEP page) amd FNIS Output.esp. At the Bashed patch section on STEP at the bottom it says to create your bashed patch. But why would you do that before the DSR step? Because that adds another .esp along with your created output one, and even FNIS output. So I am to figure out do I make the bashed patch when it tells me to in the bashed patch section? Or should I wait till after DSR, BSW and FNIS install then do the bashed patch to incluse DSR.eps and the 2 output .eps? I hope this made some sense. And after LOOT sorts the plugins I noticed DSR.esp i moved mid way up in the plugin order. Shouldnt DSR.esp be at the highest priority number in load order list?


Thank you for the help!

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