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Launcher reset ini files, now i CTD at start up



Not sure if this has been addressed before......but I tried running skyrim performance monitor through MO, unfortunately I launched the game through SPM and it reset my ini files.....after that occurred I can no longer launch Skyrim through MO.....nor can I launch it by using the the exe in my Steam folder.....I get a CTD on start up regardless.


Tried looking online for a solution and I could not find one......hopefully this is something that is fairly common and I just have been looking in the wrong forums for a solution.


Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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Well first off. You can't run Skyrim Performance Monitor through Mod Organizer. You have to run Mod Organizer through Skyrim Performance Monitor by point Skyrim Performance Monitor to your Mod Organizer executable under setup (the file paths tab) you'll need to point both the "Skyrim Main Program File Path:" and "Skyrim Launcher File Path:" to your ModOrganizer.exe I'll add this to the wiki.


I'd also set the flag for detailed instructions available but... I don't have permissions to do so. :whistling:


As for the start up issue... weird. Try telling Steam to verify the files.

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