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[Possibly Unsupported] Boss Userlist Rules for Unrecognized Mods


First off, these mods are partially STEP but through Skyrim Mod Combiner, so I understand if there is no support for this. I am looking to see if anyone happens to know either the rules I should apply for the list of mods below or where I could find the rules. I have been frequently changing my mod sets so it would be great to have these entered on my userlist but I have been unable to find any suggestions as to what the rule should be. Here is the list of mods that BOSS is not recognizing:

  • StaticMeshImprovementMod-DungeonCliffSkirts.esp
  • Skyfalls Dragonborn Small Waterfalls.esp
  • Skyfalls + Skymills + DG + DB.esp
  • SRTOParallax.esp
  • SRTODragonbornParallax.esp
  • RBB Long and Row Boats - Snow.esp
  • RBB - Row Boats - Hearthfire Hotfix.esp
  • Prometheus_No_Snow_Under_the_roof.esp
  • Prometheus_NSUTR BDS Patch.esp
  • About horses 1.5.esp

If there's anymore information that I can give you, please let me know. If this is an unsupported/do not post on these forums post, please let me know and I will delete it.

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Well, the SMIM mod is included in the STEP Core patch, so get that if you haven't. Otherwise, you can easily patch it to any file, it's such a small change it's not worth a whole esp slot, so patch it. I personally sort Skyfalls before RWT and it works without issues but you could probably sort it at the bottom of Landscaping as well. Same for SRTO, I guess, though I personally don't use them. NSUTR does have instructions on his mod page, I believe, but this one too can probably be sorted at the bottom of Landscaping or NSUtR, then BDS, then the patch for both, which is how I sort them. Don't know about the others..

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