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Adding Mods?

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Just about to start the modding portion of SR:LE and was wondering where the weapon mods were and things like that so I was wondering if I could add some mods the mods are:


The big one would be SPERG - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24445/?
Basically I would like to know if there would be any conflicts/ patches I would need to get these mods working properly and where to put them in my load order.
And one more thing, can I just skip the Better Males/UNP mods completely? I personally find them unnecessary and would rather not have them in my game. Just a preference.
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All those mods work fine. However, I run requiem which in some ways is similar to SPERG. There will probably be patches for SPERG and the mods you listed, as well as mods in SR:LE, google and skyrim nexus is your friend here :)


You may need to create a conflict patch with the additional mods. If you followed the SR:LE conflict resolution guide you should be able to do this.


And yeah, you can totally skip Better Males/ UNP, no issues at all. Just make sure you dont use armor meshes that are made for those mods. I know in SR:LE there are a lot of UNP armors, just skip those as well.

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