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Where is my bashed patch (using MO)?


I followed Mark Hollis' tutorial on how to make a bashed patch with Wrye Bash and MO to a tee. When finished, everything seemed fine, but I can't find the patch anywhere. I checked the overwrite folder, nothing. I checked the profile folder, nothing too. The only bashed patch on my system is the one created in my data folder when I first launched Wrye Bash after installation.

Is there some hidden area where the patch is located? I have looked exhaustively in the FAQs, and I haven't sen anyone else yet with the same problem.

After spending the last two nights configuring everything perfect, ENB'ing, tes5edit cleaning, and Bossing, I'm now at a halt.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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Oh, I see it now  :cyclops:   silly me  :gnome:  I didn't think that was anything but a header or something. It doesn't look like a button :whistling:  

It seems I may have to correct some mistakes now...

Thanks for the help :angel:

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